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Winning The Game Of Stocks Adam Khoo Pdf 95 (Final 2022)




for Long-Term Investors 1-23 A most important thing to know about stocks is that stocks are very complex. This isn’t a popular notion for most people. Stocks do not get used to people in just one week. Their prices go up and down, and they have complex dynamics to them, thus it may not be the most obvious investment to just buy a stock. However, there are many other good reasons to own stocks besides just thinking that they are some kind of easy money makers. Often times, owning stocks is viewed as a very risky thing to do by people. But most of those same people would not think of owning bonds or real estate as being risky, thus why is it that stocks are seen as risky? We should know why before we continue reading. Stocks Are a Long-Term Investment like Real Estate Stocks Are Based on Numbers, and not Psychology While the stock market is the single largest market in the world, it is very different from owning something like real estate. Stocks are a very long term investment, and they can take years for them to go up or down. Unlike real estate, stocks are not driven by your feelings and emotions. A man in a hospital bed might sell all his stocks and buy a yacht, thinking that he will feel better owning a yacht. However, stocks are not based on that at all. Their prices are based on numbers and numbers alone. Even if a company is the best in the market, if their numbers are not doing well, their stock prices will start to fall. In comparison, with real estate, it is not a number, but the emotion of a homeowner that drives his decision making. Stocks Also Require a Lot of Research While real estate does not need a lot of research, the stock market does. And since the stock market is so large, you would need a lot of research to get an accurate picture of the stock market. It is not to say that a person needs to be an accountant to own stocks. But if a person is very passionate about the stock market, then they should read books and watch videos and learn as much as they can about the stock market. Often times, when a person buys a stock, it is a very emotional decision. Instead of doing his own research, he would look at his friends’ phone and tell him the cool things they said about a stock. In fact, research is the main reason why most people lose money in the stock market. Stocks are very different than real estate. In real



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Winning The Game Of Stocks Adam Khoo Pdf 95 (Final 2022)

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